Plart is owned and operated by Alexandra Berger and showcases Wearable+Glass Art, Botanical Body Products, Plant Propagation, and Native+Edible Landscapes.

I began working with glass in 2004. A friend and I set up a sheet metal shed and started teaching ourselves flameworking. Upon graduating from Oberlin College, I moved to Vermont and studied Furnace Glassblowing at Simon Pearce. After just over a year, I decided to move to Tucson. I met local glass artist and worked with him until I found my niche at a non-profit glass art school (2006-2012). Along the way, I learned glass fusing, stained glass methods, and jewelry making. My goal is to evoke a sense of fun so that the person enjoying my art feels the joy I do upon creating it. 

In addition to visual arts, I have a strong passion for horticulture. I am an active student in plant sciences, including arid lands gardening, herbal remedies, and desert plants and landscapes. I am a Certified Master Gardener, an urban farmer, and local food/sustainable agriculture enthusiast. My Lotions+Potions employ much of the knowledge I have learned during my studies and, as much as possible, I create recipes using organic, locally produced, and sustainably grown ingredients. I am also available for edible and native landscaping consultation and installation in the Tucson area.

Where to find Plart products:


6th Avenue Wellness Center, Tucson, AZ (muscle rubs)

Barrio Bella (in the Old Town Artisans shops), Tucson, AZ (body products)

Litchfield Hills Eye Physicians, Torrington, CT (jewelry+glass plates)

METALmorphosis Gallery, Bisbee, AZ (jewelry+body products)

Pop-Cycle, Tucson, AZ (body products)

Straight to the Point, Tucson, AZ (jewelry)

Tubac Center for the Arts Gallery Shop, Tubac, AZ (jewelry)


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All Plart products are Made with Love in Tucson, AZ.

If you would like to learn more, or to request a custom order, please contact me. Thank you!

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