Plart is owned and operated by Alexandra Berger and showcases Wearable+Glass Art, Botanical Body Products, Plant Propagation, and Native+Edible Landscapes.

I began working with glass in 2004. A friend and I set up a sheet metal shed and started teaching ourselves flameworking. Upon graduating from Oberlin College, I moved to Vermont and studied Furnace Glassblowing at Simon Pearce. After just over a year, I decided to move to Tucson. I met local glass artist and worked with him until I found my niche at a non-profit glass art school (2006-2012). Along the way, I learned glass fusing, stained glass methods, and jewelry making. My goal is to evoke a sense of fun so that the person enjoying my art feels the joy I do upon creating it. 

In addition to visual arts, I have a strong passion for horticulture. I am an active student in plant sciences, including arid lands gardening, herbal remedies, and desert plants and landscapes. I am a Certified Master Gardener, an urban farmer, and local food/sustainable agriculture enthusiast. My Lotions+Potions employ much of the knowledge I have learned during my studies and, as much as possible, I create recipes using organic, locally produced, and sustainably grown ingredients. I am also available for edible and native landscaping consultation and installation in the Tucson area.

Where to find Plart products:


Barrio Bella (in the Old Town Artisans shops), Tucson, AZ (body products)

Litchfield Hills Eye Physicians, Torrington, CT (jewelry+glass plates)

METALmorphosis Gallery, Bisbee, AZ (jewelry+body products)

Pop-Cycle, Tucson, AZ (body products, stained glass cacti)

Straight to the Point, Tucson, AZ (earrings)

Tubac Center for the Arts Gallery Shop, Tubac, AZ (jewelry)

Tucson Botanical Gardens Gift Shop, Tucson, AZ (stained glass cacti)


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All Plart products are Made with Love in Tucson, AZ.

If you would like to learn more, or to request a custom order, please contact me. Thank you!

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